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The Curious Man Book by Dr. Hans Nieper           The Revolution Book by Dr. Hans Nieper
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Description of "The Curious Man":
Dr. Hans Nieper stands as a quiet giant in the world of medical research-revered by the thousands of patients he has cured of various degenerative diseases worldwide; reviled by the FDA for his lack of medical conformity. Within his native Germany, his therapeutic treatments have been approved, patented, and used for years with great success. His visionary efforts in combining biology with physics propelled him light years ahead of other medical scientists. Yet, too few know the full story behind the man and his remarkable work. In this inspiring book, Dr. Hans Nieper shares his life's journey and the work that has led him to his groundbreaking discoveries.
       Early in his career as a physician and medical researcher, Dr. Nieper recognized the destructive nature of toxic orthodox treatments for cardiovascular disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and other chronic diseases. Through his work at top cancer research centers, including the prestigious Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research in New York, and through his extensive clinical experiences, Dr. Nieper has both developed and established a line of alternative, nontoxic substances that are less stressful to the immune system. He has also found much success using various nutrient, plant, and insect substances. The Curious Man provides you with a clear understanding of all the major breakthroughs that Dr. Nieper
has made. It explains why his remedies work, and how they help those who cannot be healed by conventional medicine. Finally, The Curious Man offers Dr. Nieper's own insightful
thoughts on the future of health care.
       Dr. Nieper believes that it is your right to know about every hopeful treatment and prevention option available to you. If you want to become a more informed healthcare
consumer, if you want to receive the best of medicine, then you must read The Curious Man.

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